Shipping Policy

Shipping Options:
Evergreen ships its capsules worldwide! We offer a standard international tracked shipping option by default for each order. 

Cost of Shipping:
Standard shipping is 6,00 EUR per order but can be free if a promotion is on-going.

Duration of Shipping:
Because we ship worldwide, the expected delivery times vary from one country to another. Here is a list of the expected delivery times for countries we ship regularly to (from shipping date):

Please note that during sales period (Black Friday, end of year period etc.), these delay might be slightly longer

United Kingdom 6-9 days (can be delayed in rare cases due to brexit)
Spain 6-9 days
Switzerland 9-12 days
Germany 9-12 days
Italy 12-15 days
Australia 15-18 days
United States 9-12 days
France 12-15 days
Netherlands 12-15 days
Canada 12-15 days
Norway 15-18 days
Honk Kong 12-15 days
Ireland 15-18 days
Denmark 15-18 days
Austria 15-18 days
United Arab Emirates 18-21 days
Sweden 12-15 days
Israel 20 days
New Zealand 20+ days
Greece 15-18 days
Saudi Arabia 20+ days
Russia 20 days
Portugal 20 days
Thailand 20+ days
Malaysia 20+ days

Handling Time:

The handling time (ie the time between when an order is placed and when it gets shipped), is from 2 to 4 business days, except during December. To minimize the shipping delays we process orders in real time during this month.

To ship an order to South Korea we need the tax/custom ID. Forgetting to state it in your address will cause a delay in your order since we will have to contact you.

We cannot be responsible if there is any delay caused by:
- customs delay
- strikes
- weather conditions
- error in your address when you placed your order
- if nobody is there to receive the order (even if someone was there but the delivery courier says otherwise)