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Evergreen™ Reusable Capsule for Nespresso®
Evergreen™ Reusable Capsule for Nespresso®
Evergreen™ Reusable Capsule for Nespresso®
Evergreen™ Reusable Capsule for Nespresso®
Evergreen™ Reusable Capsule for Nespresso®
Evergreen™ Reusable Capsule for Nespresso®
Evergreen™ Reusable Capsule for Nespresso®

Evergreen™ Reusable Capsule for Nespresso®

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The Evergreen™ Capsules are reusable and ecological capsules compatible with Nespresso® (and more). Don't think twice! Save money and at the same time help saving the planet and the future generations.

If this is your first order, we recommend you choose a pack with tamper (capsule + 1 tamper).


 Reuse your capsules and avoid throwing away hundreds of capsules every year.

 Save up to 65% on your coffee expenses using the Evergreen™ Reusable Capsules to the infinite.

 Perfect for a gift
 You can offer the Evergreen™ Capsule to a family member, eco-responsible friends, or any coffee lover. Chose our pack of 3 capsules Evergreen TM and offer them to several people at a reduced price.

 The Evergreen™ Capsule is made of stainless steel, without bisfenol A (BPA) nor aluminium, which makes it non-toxic when hot, contrary to the classical one-shot capsules. Furlan has also been found in single-use capsules, a carcinogenic element that you will never find in the Evergreen™ capsule.

 Easy to use
 The capsules are very easy to wash, by hand or in the dishwasher. We also offer you a little brush to wash more efficiently the capsule.

 You will be able to choose any coffee. Either from the supermarket or, the best option, from a local roaster (that will for sure have some special coffee that would never be available in regular capsules ;-) ).


Why are the single-use coffee capsules a real problem?
In 2018, more than 15 billion single-use capsules were thrown away, amounting to more than 100 million kilograms of waste! Help us put an end to this environmental disaster.


With what machines are the capsules compatible?
The Evergreen Capsules for Nespresso© are compatible with almost all the machines. The only machine NOT compatible is the Essenza Mini D30 (shaped like a pyramid). It is compatible with the C30.


Do you only have capsules for nespresso?
No, we also have compatible capsules for Dolce Gusto® (here), Vertuo® (here), Caffitaly (here), Lavazza (here), Illy (here) and Keurig (here). .


The machine pierce through the classic capsule, how does the Evergreen™ capsule not get damaged?
The capsule is designed so that there are holes placed that let the water pass through without any trouble. It is made of stainless steel and therefore is not damaged during the process.


Won’t this damage the machine?
No, many tests have been done and we made sure the pressure points of the machine did not receive any excessive force.


How long do they last?
If you take care of them and wash them after each use, they will last a few years. the ones we are using in our offices have more than 1 year and they still work as if they were new.


Is there a guarantee if the product does not work?
Yes, we are very confident in our product, therefore there is a 14-day money back guarantee. Also please note that if you are having any issues to make the capsule work, you can follow our tips here.


What is the expected delivery time?
Because we ship worldwide, this will depend on where you live. Please have a look at our shipping policy to know how much time it will take for your order to arrive.


Can i use them for tea?
Yes! You can put tea bags or dry tea in the capsule. Fill it in half and you will get at least 2 cups of tea in a questions of seconds :-) (Use the lungo button). Depending on the tea you use, you can even get yummy foam on top!

Doesn’t Nespresso recycle their capsules?
First of all, we want to remind you that reusing is always better than recycling. Recycling requires a lot of energy and still has a negative impact, even if lesser than just using a capsule once and throwing it away. That being said, Nespresso® recently decided (was forced to?) put in place a recycling program. However, they recycle only 24% of their capsules to produce energy. Since the aluminium in their capsules needs a special alloy, only 0.1% of their capsules are made from other recycled capsules. You can get more info by reading our blog post here.


Will my machine lose its warranty if i use your capsule?
Absolutely not. Using our capsule is the same as using a compatible capsule from a brand like Lavazza® or L’Or®, the only difference is that our capsule do not create any waste.


Won’t the capsule get too hot after each use?
The capsule will indeed be hot after each use. You should wait 1 or 2 minutes before grabbing it with your hand. You can however grab it with a tool and place it under water to speed up the process. To make things easier we recommend you chose one of our discounted packs with several capsules in case you are planning to make coffees for family and friends.


Nespresso® is a registered trademark that is not linked in anyway to EverGreen™, we are merely using their name to indicate compatibility with our capsules.